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Relive 17 years of sadness with this Bills playoff drought draft

The Buffalo Bills are working on their 17th consecutive season of not making the playoffs.

A group of fans coped with their feelings by hosting a "playoff drought draft" this week, in which each of the six members tried to assemble the saddest team possible.

Some selections are simply the names of bad or regrettable players the Bills have had over the last 17 years. Others are specific games, memories or incidents, and there are a couple you'll need to Google for yourself. Anyway, carve out some time and go through this list.

(Double-tap the image to zoom on your phone/tablet or right click > "open image in new tab" for a bigger view on a computer.)

There are so many incredible memories to be relived. Every group of friends should do one of these. Maybe I'll even make a cheat sheet.

Here's a round-by-round analysis.

1: Gotta nitpick with the first overall pick – the Bills drafting Aaron Maybin in the first round was bad, but that's THE WORST thing over the last 17 years? Losing to Steelers' backups in the 2004 finale to miss the playoffs was pretty terrible. That's a good call.

2: Round 2 is extremely solid. Prayers up for Kevin Everett. Terrell Owens getting a key to the city was a great pick.

3: Stevie Johnson's overtime drop against Pittsburgh in 2010 looks like the steal of the round. He went on Twitter and blamed God for dropping a touchdown! That's a first-round grade for me.

4: I was waiting for that Monday Night collapse against Dallas. But geez, "Bills fan dies" is a little morbid. I'm assuming this is the man who drowned after being ejected and not the person who committed suicide during a tailgate?

5: How did "Doug Marrone opts out" last until the fifth round?!?

6: Chris Kelsay is an interesting pick.

7: There's Marshawn Lynch's hit-and-run. Jeff Tuel was a good sleeper pick.

8: Let's talk here, Jim and Tim. "Woman coach" makes your list of the worst things to happened to the Bills? "Midget athletic trainer"? The Bills hired the NFL's first full-time female coach, Kathryn Smith, earlier this year to be the special teams quality control coach. She hasn't wanted to be interviewed lately, but the players I talked to about her had overwhelmingly positive things to say. Chris Fischetti, the team's head of rehabilitation & head injury management services, has been with the team since 2002. These seem like "you" problems, guys. Anyway, Marcell Dareus' street-racing incident takes the cake in this round.

9: "Jills go on strike" was funny to put on this list, but Ko Simpson is my favorite here. He was reportedly being verbally abusive to police after a New Year's party and then told a cop, "I'm Ko Simpson with the Buffalo Bills. I am worth millions."

10: OH MY GOSH I forgot about Brian Moorman getting destroyed by Sean Taylor in the Pro Bowl! All the videos are blocked from being embedded but see it here in all its glory.

11: I love that Kevin Kolb injuring himself made this list. I love that "Giving a man $4 million to quit" was different from "Doug Marrone opts out." I love remembering Ashton Youboty, who was a steal this late in the draft.

I love this entire idea. Thanks for giving everyone something to do this offseason, gents.

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