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Letter: We can curb poverty by creating more jobs

We can curb poverty by creating more jobs

I was born and raised in Hamburg and worked summers at Bethlehem Steel during the early 1960s while in college. As it was then and is now and always will be, poverty is directly proportional with jobs. Talking about holistic views is nonsense. Anyone standing on a street corner without money in his pockets will tell you he needs a job. Government support may be needed while jobs are being created, but the focus has to be on creating jobs.

President-elect Donald Trump has some proposals on how to get manufacturing jobs back into our country, and Buffalo should be concentrating on how to position itself as a place where manufacturing could flourish. That would require integrating the strong university and college resources with entrepreneurial and old-fashioned heavy industry.

Stop wasting time and resources trying to sound smart. The problem is not that complex. Create more jobs and poverty will solve itself.

Thomas Colangelo

Dix Hills

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