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Letter: New therapy might help those with food allergies

New therapy might help those with food allergies

I am distraught about the recent news regarding children and adults dying as a result of their food allergy. Afterward, some people speculate that they didn’t use the EpiPen fast enough, or look for something the child or family did wrong. Believe me, they did not do anything wrong other than try to live life. They should not be blamed.

Most people who have severe food allergies are vigilant about avoiding their trigger food. Sometimes, no matter how careful you can be, it is just not enough.

People may not be aware that oral immunotherapy (OIT) exists, since information is not readily available. Currently, there are private practice allergists who are successfully performing OIT using very low doses of the food allergen to desensitize a person from having a life-threatening reaction. When treatment is successful, patients can eat freely without the fear of dying because of an accidental ingestion.

I want my family and friends to one day have easy access to board-certified allergists who are trained to safely provide OIT. I want an option for treatment of life-threatening food allergies to be obtainable. I want the days of being sent home with an EpiPen and no other treatment option to end.

Julie Newberger


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