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Letter: It’s sad to see country turning back the clock

It’s sad to see country turning back the clock

Is this what the 1930s were like? We are negating the gains in tolerance for people unlike us, which has grown over the last several decades. Hate is in; tolerance is out. Today, some find it acceptable to personally disparage anyone who is different.

Political correctness (consideration of others’ feelings) is out. Anything that is going wrong can be corrected by blaming the “other.”

If you don’t like the facts as presented, first deny them, then delegitimize the media for reporting them. (The media, at least, correct information after acknowledging when they are wrong.)

Then make up your own facts. You don’t need to actually know what you’re talking about. Just say it, say it often and then condemn anyone who differs. Criticize these people and call them “elites.” The other. Not one of us.

Go to social media for your information. Don’t try to verify it. Just accept it if it supports what you already believe. Joseph Goebbels is reported to have said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” It doesn’t even have to be a lie. It could be a mistaken opinion.

We must question everything. Is the assertion supported? Has the source of the information been mistaken in the past? Acknowledged the error? How can we possibly accomplish anything for the common welfare if we can’t agree on what is a fact? Where are we going?

Sandra W. Myers


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