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Letter: If bees don’t survive, neither will humans

If bees don’t survive, neither will humans

I love bees. I always have. I have even been known to talk to them. They make great co-workers in my garden. I can weed quite close to a bee without fear of arousing its anger. I am careful, though. A bee sting can hurt. I think that is one reason why I like them so. They are potentially dangerous, and yet, there we are laboring side by side in harmony.

But the work of bees is so much more important than mine. And they work for free. All they require of us is that we stay out of their way so they can go about their pollination business providing the necessary mechanisms to create the food that we require.

But instead of protecting these tireless providers, we are systematically killing them with the use of pesticides, including Roundup and others that contain a class of chemicals known as neonicotinoids. Canada is now close to banning these pesticides, which could be a first step toward ending the recent alarming and potentially catastrophic rise in the death rate of our bee friends.

Scientists tell us that time is fast running out. So, be a spokesperson for a bee and demand that manufacturers stop selling pesticides that poison bees. Stop using these pesticides and start signing petitions. For as go the bees, so go the humans.

Anne Gayley


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