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Letter: Nothing gets accomplished in the Village of Lancaster

Nothing gets accomplished in the Village of Lancaster

Once again The News has written a well-informed article about the dysfunctional Village of Lancaster. This village is the poster child of why we need to downsize governments throughout Western New York. In eight years since I’ve lived here, this attempt to revive “the business district” has been debated by our officials. In eight years, nothing has been accomplished.

What’s humorous about this is that the Town of Lancaster has four times the people but has fewer representatives collecting a salary than the village. It was stated that the “political winds of change are blowing” because the mayor is stepping down. But the village board members are just changing chairs. The same ones will be in charge, as they have been for almost two decades.

Can anyone dare say “term limits”? Just like Albany has its three men in a room, Lancaster has its gang of five who love to discuss ideas but never seem to act on anything. They claim that the “business district” was a vibrant area 30 years ago. Well, 30 years ago the Buffalo waterfront was a wasteland.

There are just so many things wrong with the way the village is run. You have conflicts of interest between a trustee and a town councilwoman. Money goes missing that was destined for a food bank for eight months when the food bank is a two-minute walk from the village office. You have the village taxpayers paying for all the special events when the whole town attends. Hiring is based on who you are related to, or who you know. God forbid if you are a minority looking for a village job, even if you are a resident. The taxpayers of the village have been taken for a ride for too long.

I am requesting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo appoint a special investigator to look into the dealings of the Village Board. I am also requesting that the residents of the village look at the situation, and realize that we need one Lancaster government. We control our destiny, not the gang of five.

Edward J. Lawrence

Village of Lancaster

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