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Letter: Most informed people know our voting system is secure

Most informed people know our voting system is secure

I find it highly ironic that Donald Trump, having spent much of the presidential campaign proclaiming the inevitability of a “rigged” election (and who continues to claim that “millions” of votes were cast fraudulently for Hillary Clinton) now objects to a recount.

Most informed people know that the U.S. voting system, decentralized and independent of the internet as it is, is secure, and I doubt if anyone really believes that the results of a recount would alter the outcome of last month’s election.

It would be nice if a recount could put an end to the myth that our voting system is corrupt. In the meantime, our election system resembles a black hole. It sucks life out of the news media and interferes with the function of government for months, verging now into years. Obscenely dependent on money, it is in dire need of reform.

Catherine F. Parker


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