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Letter: Dylan was richly deserving of Nobel Prize for Literature

Dylan was richly deserving of Nobel Prize for Literature

This is in response to the recent op-ed by Garrison Keillor, “Dorothy, Dylan, Bill Murray and Donald Trump.”

It is only the Bob Dylan comments that I wish to respond to. Keillor complains that now “we must deal with Bob and his attitude toward the Nobel Prize for Literature,” because Dylan is “embarrassed by the prize.” Mostly though, Keillor’s assertion that Dylan has written “a few good love songs and some memorable phrases” is a cruel undercutting of an unapproachable literary songwriting career!

Dylan has written countless songs of impeccable literary quality in all aspects of song. Millions and millions of people worldwide love his songs for these reasons, and his performance of them only adds to his legacy. Dylan’s peers consider him the greatest songwriter, without question.

Keillor also states that Elvis “bestowed himself on his fans.” I guess in his world this makes Elvis a great songwriter who should have won the Nobel Prize.

Dylan missed out on many “song” and “album of the year” awards due to a super conservative American Music Academy, to understate the obvious.

Larry Kassirer


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