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Letter: Collins should work for us, not the rich and powerful

Collins should work for us, not the rich and powerful

The recent News article about Rep. Chris Collins’ introduction of a bill to hinder wind power development on the Lake Ontario coast was both disturbing and revealing. The bill would scuttle this clean power project by removing tax incentives, under the pretext that it might affect possible future missions at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station. This was contradicted by statements of the military officers at the base.

There is no logic to this bill. The fact that it is essentially the same as Texas Sen. John Cornyn’s concurrent Senate bill suggests that it is driven by influence from the fossil fuel industries.

Collins must recognize the current damage caused by climate change, as well as the promise of much greater future destruction and disruption, and therefore recognize the need to act now to develop all available nonpolluting energy sources.

Yes, this will economically damage those who now derive huge profits from fossil fuels, but they are not now hurting, and will be just fine. Lower on the economic ladder, jobs may be lost, but already more jobs are gained in clean energy. This kind of dislocation constantly occurs in our economy, and attempts to turn back the clock are not a solution.

We rely on government to structure the playing field so that our free-market economy operates smoothly and produces the most benefit for all of us, not just for the richest and most powerful. Be on our side!

Peter Ewing

Lake View

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