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Letter: Affordable housing is rapidly disappearing

Affordable housing is rapidly disappearing

Kudos to People, Inc. for its plan to build affordable senior housing adjacent to the very high-end Canterbury Woods development on Gates Circle. As the number of “market-rate” (i.e., expensive) apartments increases here, affordable housing stock is disappearing. This is great if you’re a property owner, developer or Realtor. But for someone like me, who is on a small fixed income and has lived in the Elmwood area for 35 years, it’s disturbing.

I lived in San Francisco in the 1970s when anyone who wasn’t a millionaire started getting pushed out. No one stopped it, and today it’s just a playground for one elite class; it’s no longer a real city.

Recently, when the last girder was positioned at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, Mayor Byron Brown was on hand to praise it as the “new Buffalo.” I hope he’s wrong; I hope it’s only part of the new Buffalo. Otherwise only six-figure incomes will be welcome here.

What’s wrong with economic diversity along with the other kinds? The so-called Elmwood Village is rapidly becoming “Privilege Village.” Kudos to People, Inc. for acting to keep Buffalo real.

Tim Denesha


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