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Here's how the Bills could still make the playoffs

The TV in the media room at One Bills Drive was tuned into NFL Network on Monday.

When the AFC playoff graphic came across the screen, the Bills were no longer listed in the infamous "In the Hunt" section, as sure a sign as any their playoff hopes are just about shot.

But they're not dead yet. According to the New York Times' NFL Playoff Simulator, the Bills have a 1-percent chance to make the postseason.

Thanks to the Times' simulator, it's possible to map out exactly what would need to happen for the Bills to make the playoffs. If all of these things go exactly as planned, starting with Buffalo winning its remaining three games, the Bills have a 100-percent chance of getting in (that's not to say that there are not other ways that the could do so, just that this would guarantee it). Without further ado ...

Week 14

• Patriots beat Ravens on Monday Night Football

Week 15

• Eagles beat Ravens
• Chiefs beat Titans
• Vikings beat Colts
• Patriots beat Broncos

Week 16

• Steelers beat Ravens
• Chiefs beat Broncos

Week 17

• Bengals beat Ravens
• Patriots beat Dolphins
• Browns beat Steelers
• Texans beat Titans
• Raiders beat Broncos

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