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Crowd-sourcing: The March for Hunger, 1973

The joy of an overstuffed file marked "CROWDS" is not just the photos within it that you instantly recognize, from sporting events or political rallies; it's also in the photos whose context is not immediately clear.

Such is the case with this photo, marked May 6, 1973, and shot by Buffalo Evening News staff photographer Richard W. Roeller.

The fashion choices and hairstyles suggest the date is accurate, but where are these young men and women headed? To class? To buy concert tickets? To a casting call for an after-school special?

To the microfilm!

Indeed, at the top of the Local Front Page on May 7 is the apparent answer: The previous day, an 18-mile March for Hunger had been held, during which thousands of walkers raised pledges totaling $140,000. This photo did not appear in print that day, but two others did.

Judging from the happy, pain-free expressions on some of these faces, either this was the start of the walk or people were in much better shape in 1973 than they are today.

(Buffalo News file photo)

Please click to see a larger image. (Buffalo News file photo)


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