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Vic Carucci's Week 14 NFL Power Poll

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)


  1. Dallas Cowboys. Dez Bryant is having a monster four-game stretch. (1)


  1. New England Patriots. Going to be hard to overcome offensive injuries with the Ravens’ D coming to town. (2)


  1. Kansas City Chiefs. You have to like the way this team steadily and quietly succeeds. (6)


  1. Oakland Raiders. Derek Carr’s pinky is making it tough for these guys to stay dominant offensively. (3)


  1. Detroit Lions. Golden Tate was motivated by slow start that led to benching. (7)


  1. Denver Broncos. You can change quarterbacks, but the defense remains strong. (9)


  1. Baltimore Ravens. The NFL’s top-ranked defense could carry this team far. (10)


  1. Atlanta Falcons. After a heart-breaking loss to the Chiefs, the Falcons should rebound vs. sorry Rams. (4)


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers. With three wins in a row, they might be recapturing the form that made them a preseason Super Bowl favorite. (12)


  1. New York Giants. No Jason Pierre-Paul could very well mean no dice vs. the Cowboys. (5)
  2. Seattle Seahawks. Overcoming the absence of Earl Thomas will be a major challenge. (13)


  1. Miami Dolphins. Injuries are taking their toll and making it hard for this team to compete at a high level. (8)


  1. Washington Redskins. If they have any hope for the playoffs, their defense must improve. Fast! (11)


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Players say they like the energy that first-year coach Dirk Koetter brings to the table. (26)


  1. Green Bay Packers. As Randall Cobb said, “All we can do is control the controllable.” (15)


  1. Buffalo Bills. Still hard to figure out how they blew that game. (14)


  1. Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin Lewis should be able to put a hurting on his former offensive coordinator. (17)


  1. Philadelphia Eagles. Leodis McKelvin has a whole new group of fans angry with him. (16)


  1. Arizona Cardinals. When you look at the numbers, David Johnson would not be a crazy pick for NFL MVP. (21)


  1. Minnesota Vikings. This team thrives on taking the away … and the Jaguars don’t thrive by giving it away. (18)


  1. San Diego Chargers. Terrible fourth quarters have done plenty to sink this team. (19)


  1. Houston Texans. These guys are going to be looking for another quarterback in the offseason. (20)


  1. Carolina Panthers. Hey, Cam, next time remember your tie. (22)


  1. New Orleans Saints. Ready for two tough games vs. Buccaneers in next three weeks. (23)


  1. Indianapolis Colts. Hard to say what that beat-down of the Jets really means because the opponent didn’t show up. (24)


  1. Tennessee Titans. Great test coming up vs. Broncos’ defense. (25)


  1. Los Angeles Rams. Another week, another embarrassment on the way for Jeff Fisher. (27)


  1. Chicago Bears. John Fox: “I love saying Jim Bob Cooter’s name.” Wonderful. (28)


  1. New York Jets. They’re bad, but probably better than the 49ers. (29)


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars. Good luck vs. the Vikings’ D. (30)


  1. San Francisco 49ers. They’re probably worse than the Jets. (31)


32. Cleveland Browns. Hue Jackson isn’t likely to be happy to see his former team. Of course, he probably isn’t happy seeing any opponent. (32)

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