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Letter: Trump presidency will be a disaster for this country

Trump presidency will be a disaster for this country

Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump referred to various people and policies as “a disaster for this country.” Since the election, I have been reminded of the schoolyard retort, “It takes one to know one.”

Since becoming president-elect, Trump has:

• Appointed Steve Bannon – a man largely responsible for elevating the backward, reprehensible ideology of white nationalism – as his chief strategist

• Appointed Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn – a man who claims Islam is not a real religion and is, in his view, a “cancer” – as his national security adviser

• Already begun to use his position to enrich himself and his businesses.

• Blindly or recklessly broken with protocol and long-standing American policies in conversations with foreign leaders.

• Engaged in public fights with the press and entertainers, demonstrating his thin skin and lack of understanding of our First Amendment rights.

The Electoral College was conceived as the last line of defense against someone unqualified or unfit from becoming president of the United States. I firmly believe this applies to Trump. This is why, when I discovered an online petition at asking electors to instead cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton (who has earned 2.6 million more votes than Trump), I signed it. I’m not alone. As of this writing, this petition has garnered 4.7 million signatures.

Is this a long shot? Absolutely. But I think Trump will be, in his words, “a disaster for our country.” If you feel that way, too, I urge you to sign this petition.

Rob Graham


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