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Letter: Tax break for Carrier is really nothing new

Tax break for Carrier is really nothing new

After listening to the Sunday pundits, Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Democratic National Committee, I find it hard to understand how the Carrier deal is precedent-setting. States have been offering tax credits to keep companies and jobs for years, certainly New York has.

The state of Indiana offered a very reasonable $7 million tax credit to save 1,100 jobs. That equates to about $6,300 per saved job. We should be so lucky here in New York State, where the SolarCity tax cost will equate to roughly $500,000 per job created.

With the mainstream media promoting the idea that the Carrier deal is precedent-setting – it obviously has been going on for many years – it’s no wonder that the average person on the street has lost trust in our national media.

Ken Heer


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