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Letter: How many eligible voters were wrongfully denied?

How many eligible voters were wrongfully denied?

So, votes in our 2016 general and presidential election have been cast and counted. Now Jill Stein and the Green Party are working on a recount of paper ballots, to check on the operation of the electoral system more than hopes of changing the results. I hope she succeeds. I believe more work needs to be done. There should be a full forensic analysis of the electronic voting machines not leaving a recountable paper trail, as some in Pennsylvania.

Still more work to do: At the polling place where I worked, Eggertsville Hose on Eggert Road, we were very busy but both our voters and our machines were well behaved. I don’t believe any voter had to wait too long to get his ballot registered. Some states report long waits for voters in some districts. There should be work done to determine people who had excessive waits, who had short waits. And more studying of voters who were turned away or had their registration challenged. How many were actually ineligible, how many were wrongfully turned away?

Last, but not least, some are complaining of maybe 3 million votes by ineligible or illegal voters. Since this is a felony, punishable by five years in federal prison, whoever is making these accusations should either help bring some of these people to justice, or admit they are making up stories.

David Gaeddert


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