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Letter: Flynn’s blatant disregard for the truth is alarming

Flynn’s blatant disregard for the truth is alarming

Every day brings fresh evidence that we may be going collectively mad. I read in the Dec. 6 News that retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has circulated stories alleging that Hillary Clinton and those close to her have been deeply involved in money laundering and a pedophilia ring. Somehow, this is all supposed to be connected to a Washington, D.C., pizzeria.

Objective truth and evidence not being much in fashion these days, the general presents these stories with the non-disclaimer “U decide.” Even after the general’s contribution to public discourse prompted a North Carolina man to travel with a rifle to the involved pizzeria to “self-investigate,” Flynn’s position on the truth of these matters is that, until they are disproven, they are “a story,” worthy of the public’s attention and consideration.

This being the new standard, I now feel obliged to report that “some people are saying” that Flynn has taken bribes from the government of North Korea, and that he has repeatedly engaged in acts of incest. What evidence have I? About as much as Flynn, which is to say, none. But until someone proves otherwise, it’s a story.

Here’s what’s troubling. I’m a shlump from Tonawanda; I’m not about to become the president’s national security adviser. Before the election I, like many, asked myself: “Is this the best we can do?” I ask the question still.

Ron Scott


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