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Letter: Fake news threatens our nation’s survival

Fake news threatens our nation’s survival

The recent News editorial about real versus fake news was spot on. Yes, our democracy is threatened by people who disseminate fake news, as well as those gullible enough to buy it! This last election cycle was rife with fake news, which people on both sides of the political spectrum bought wholesale.

My message, like the editorial, is also addressed to the American voter. If you truly cherish what American democracy is all about, you need to do your homework much more meticulously. Many voters on both sides accepted sound bites as facts. They did not use their God-given gift to think critically and weigh the facts carefully with the objective of discovering the truth. The American electorate needs to take voting much more seriously and responsibly. The future of our great nation depends on it.

I would like to add that this is also a moral responsibility in that the common good and justice for all depend on our choices. Let’s not complain or whine if the truth or justice we sought does not prevail. It won’t, if we haven’t done our homework.

The Rev. Pascal Ipolito

Retired, Diocese of Buffalo

West Seneca

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