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Letter: Proud ‘deplorables’ made voices heard

Proud ‘deplorables’ made voices heard

A lot of people forgot things during the recent presidential election. Bill Maher, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert and others forgot we pay them to entertain us and not to proselytize us. Pollsters and pundits forgot that we don’t take their opinions as gospel.

Newspapers forgot that their job is to give us the facts and let us decide. A constant barrage of Tom Toles and Adam Zyglis editorial cartoons and opinion page rants from the Washington Post cadre left no doubt where The Buffalo News stood.

Television and movie personalities take sides, I get that, but forget they lose us when we don’t agree. They forgot we vote with our eyes.

Women forgot that voting for gender and because someone hurt their feelings with rough language really doesn’t solve the problems of the country. Women have greater opportunity here than in any other country. Women can control their own destiny. Nobody can disrespect you unless you let them. My daughter is a business owner with a pistol carry permit and nobody disrespects her.

We always hear how every vote counts. Fortunately a lot of us didn’t forget that. We didn’t forget that our country is a great one and now needs better leadership.

It appears there was more than a basketful of us “deplorables” – it seems there was a whole country full.

Whitey Nichols


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