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Letter: Falls lighting ceremony was a big disappointment

Falls lighting ceremony was a big disappointment

After looking forward to attending the new LED lighting ceremony on Dec. 1, and hoping this was the “kick-off” of the Christmas season for Niagara Falls, my husband and I were very disappointed to find there was absolutely no celebration on the American side of the falls. We were under the impression that the fireworks would begin at 6:30 p.m. While driving the parkway to this event at 6:15, the fireworks were already lighting the sky. By the time we arrived they had ended.

But that was not the major surprise of the evening. There was one other couple at the railing on the American side, who we found out were from Virginia, and we could see maybe 20 people on the Observation Tower. There was not one Christmas decoration on the American side – no lights in the trees, no Christmas-colored bulbs in the street lamps, no colored lights on the rapids.

We expected a crowd of people and vendors lining the sidewalks and observation area. There was nothing. To top it off, we drove around the immediate area of the falls and there were no lights in the trees. There were some lights on Old Falls Street, but for the most part the area was dark and dreary.

However, on the Canadian side, there were Christmas lights and decorations for miles around the falls and along the river, and piped-in Christmas music could be heard. The actual view of the falls and the lighting is more vivid from the Canadian side, even though millions of American dollars helped to pay for this new LED lighting.

And to put a real jab into this story, The News reported that 30,000 people attended the LED lighting ceremony in Ontario. Do you mean to tell me that out of the millions of dollars that were invested in this lighting project, not even a few thousand could have been spent to light up Niagara Falls State Park? And do you mean to tell me that Niagara Falls as a city can’t take more pride and spend a little of the taxpayers’ dollars to brighten the city during the Christmas season? Really?

Sandra Scozzafava


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