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City Hallways (Dec. 7) Feroleto the youngest, Franczyk the oldest & rest of the quiz answers

Answers to yesterday's "15 questions" game

Q. When was Byron Brown first elected?
A. November 2005 election,  took office Jan. 1, 2006

Q. What Republican candidate did Brown defeat to win his first term as mayor of Buffalo?
A. One time University District Councilman Kevin Helfer

Q. What goverment job does that Republican candidate currently hold?
A. Commissioner of Parking for City of Buffalo. One of Brown's top advisors in City Hall

Q. What job did Brown hold before becoming mayor?
A. State senator immediately before becoming mayor. Previous jobs included Masten Councilman, and senior staffer in the Dennis Gorski Administration in Erie County Hall

Q. Who becomes mayor if Brown doesn't finish out his term?
A. Common Council President Darius Pridgen

Q. Name the last three mayors before Brown became mayor.
A. Anthony Masiello. Jimmy Griffin. Stan Makowski

Q. How many terms did each of those prior mayors serve?
A. Masiello: Three terms
Griffin: Four terms
Makowski: One term.

Q. Who is the highest-ranking female in the Brown Administration?
A. Deputy Mayor Betsey Ball

Q. Name the last woman to hold an elective office in city government.
A. Bonnie Russell, who served as University Council member for 10 years before leaving the post in January 2014 to become secretary to a Family Court judge. Russell  was the only woman on the Council throughout her Council tenure. There has not been a woman elected since.

Q. How many Council members are on the Common Council?
A. Nine

Q. Are they all at-large, all district representatives, or a combination of both?
A. All are district seats. At-large seats as well as a separately elected Council president were eliminated in 2002. The Council president is now selected from amongst the elected Council by its members.

Q. Who is the youngest Council member?
A. Delaware District Councilman Joel Feroleto, born March 1982, who is 34.  South District's Chris Scanlon isn't far behind, at 35. He was born in August 1981.

Q. Who is the oldest Council member?
A. Fillmore Councilman Dave Franczyk, who is 62.

Q. Who is the newest Council member?
A. Masten Councilman Ulysees Wingo was appointed to his position in Sept. 11, 2015 to fill a position left open when former Councilman Demone Smith took a job heading up the city's Employment & Training Center. Wingo then was elected to a full four-year term in the November 2015 election. His appointment was less than two weeks after Feroleto was appointed  Sept. 1, 2015 to fill the remaining term of former Delaware Councilman Mike LoCurto, who took a county job. Feroleto was also elected to a full term as Delaware Councilman in the November 2015 election.

Q. Who is the longest-tenured Council member?
A. Franczyk was first elected to the Council in 1986, and has been on the Council all but two years since then.

Today's calendar items

Mayor Brown honoring a WW II veteran this morning.

Brown and other city officials holding press conference this afternoon to showcase additions to the city's snow-flighting fleet.


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