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Letter: Facts are few, far between on social media, talk radio

Facts are few, far between on social media, talk radio

I recently asked my postman what he was listening to on his earbuds. Rush Limbaugh, of course, for the straight facts on what’s happening. My contractor, a college graduate, does the same as he remodels my kitchen. I asked: Do you ever listen to NPR, read the New York Times or The Buffalo News op-ed page or any of the periodicals that verify their reporting? Why, no, they are too liberal for me and I don’t have time.

Look at the demographics of the last election and ask how the media have tainted the campaign. For educated millennials and Gen Xers, we have tweeting and instant messaging, which are unproven and disingenuous. Over half of these internet users get their news information from Instagram.

Why do people of all colors, creeds and education listen to shock jocks like Limbaugh, Howard Stern and Glenn Beck? Is this what they are thinking, or do they like to bash the establishment, or are they feeling left out and powerless? The answer is all of these.

So, have the media failed us or have we failed the media in not being more discriminatory in what we subscribe and listen to? Groups that do investigative reporting need our support, as do community publications that reach everyone. Our local newspaper prints syndicated and wire reports from a variety of credible sources that have to find their way through social media. Lack of opposing opinions can cause the demise of democracy and lead us to accept anarchists and dictators, let alone con artists.

Cal Deyermond


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