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Letter: Citizens must be vigilant, alter course set by Trump

Citizens must be vigilant, alter course set by Trump

President-elect Donald Trump is like the neighborhood arsonist who sets houses on fire, and then after the carnage calls for neighbors to come together and form a fire department with him as chief.

He has spent over a year inflaming the passions of his supporters to rise up and give renewed life to hatred, racism and bigotry – a dominant element of the Trump campaign. He has become the champion of white nationalists.

His attacks on minorities, handicapped people, women, Muslims and opponents like Sen. John McCain violate basic American values and decency. But most alarming are his attacks and threats to the free press and the media. It reminds me of the fascists and dictators in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

Thomas Jefferson declared that “democracy requires eternal vigilance.” This divided nation is at a critical and dangerous place in our modern history. The direction this nation takes in the next four years is in our hands. The lessons of history must be taken seriously if we are to alter the course Trump has set for our nation. I would hope that those who defend and preserve our historic values will choose to be vigilant.

Raymond L. Scott

Lake View

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