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Letter: Obama’s poor record helped Trump succeed

Obama’s poor record helped Trump succeed

Rather than blaming others while handing out public advice to Donald Trump, our president might want to look inwardly.

His party’s greatest vote-getter since LBJ, President Obama was elected on the basis that he would better handle the economic crisis and with the widespread hope that he would be an agent for peace and racial harmony, even winning a Nobel Peace Prize in the process.

Instead, he pushed the unpopular job-killing Obamacare on the public, along with a failed stimulus plan and a messy and divisive hodgepodge of identity politics. Sort of like hiring someone to patch your roof and finding out he tried to replace your plumbing instead.

Unable to muster more than 39 percent of a group that represented 72 percent of the electorate, the vaunted Obama coalition may have begun its collapse four years ago under the weight of its own fundamental contradictions. Not coincidentally, Obama became the first of the 16 two-term presidents in our history to win his second term with fewer votes than his first (in his case a whopping 3.6 million). Hillary Clinton was not able to reverse this linear decline, which simply continued to 2016 when Trump flipped Florida and five states in the heartland.

The number of Democrats in Congress is now at a 90-year low, and they are 25 states shy of abolishing that suddenly inconvenient Electoral College.

While Trump goes about fixing the plumbing, for those despairing pundits and intellectual elites there is always Canada, where Justin Trudeau’s party was elected with 39.5 percent of the vote.

Malcolm Vanderburgh


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