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Letter: Obama’s grace, ethics will be greatly missed

Obama’s grace, ethics will be greatly missed

It is with feelings of horror that I watch a man of grace, ethics and wisdom be replaced by someone so opposite. It is with a sense of sadness that some I love and respect with similar values about equality, the environment, dignity and compassion voted him in.

I must believe, although I wish to be wrong, that these decent individuals will ultimately come to see that President-elect Donald Trump and his Cabinet are destructive to that which they and their loved ones also value, rely on or benefit from. I hope that when optimism and trust are replaced with the growing recognition of this, that it is not too late for our country.

I also hope that the minority of voters who are fanatical or narcissistic like Trump have not already been so emboldened by his messages of misogyny, supremacy and scorn that further erosion of good will and relations will jeopardize us all.

It is clear that the vast majority of Trump supporters are decent, ethical people who hope for everything we all do regarding peace, unity, safety, opportunity and inclusion. To them there is a message from a “man” far more famous and powerful than Trump: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Donna Bingham


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