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Letter: Local drivers could use a refresher on merging

Local drivers could use a refresher on merging

Driving around Buffalo, I notice at lane merge points there are still many drivers who don’t get it when it comes to merging traffic. They either don’t see the merge sign or don’t obey it. According to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, when a right lane ends and merges into the next lane, drivers in the next lane are required to slow down so as to allow a safe merge with safe vehicle distance – like a zipper.

When the vehicle in the right lane is ahead when approaching the merge point, the vehicle on the left cannot pass or try to force the other vehicle off the road – especially once the merge point has less than two full lanes. That is failure to yield and can be reckless endangerment as well.

I think Buffalo, the City of Good Neighbors, could do a lot for its image if drivers noticed others on the road and helped to provide friendly, safe merges rather than thinking no one can get in front of them.

Bob Baker


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