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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending Sept. 9, 2016.


• Lockport Junction Road, Modern Recycling to Cambria Asphalt Products, $850,000.
• Lockport Road, John Hamilton to Tammy L. Amacher, $106,000.
• South Ridge Road, Kyle R. Andrews; Geraldine J. Moje to Pjr Construction, $80,000.

• Ridge Road, Laura L. Schul; Nerea J. Sharpsteen to Gerald F. Myers; Patricia L. Myers, $60,000.

• Escarpment Drive, Calvin H. Schmiege; Judith Ann Schmiege to Lisa M. Townsend; Michael G. Townsend, $315,000.
• 4690 Perry Court, Frances H. Raimondi; Guy C. Raimondi to Anthony J. Morreale, $307,000.
• Hermitage St., Arleen Kreusch; Thomas H. Kromer to Amanda L. Sorley; Joshua W. Sorley, $110,000.
• 470 Ridge St., Nationstar Home Equity Loan Trust; Bank of New York Mellon -Tr to Exr, $12,000.

• East Ave & Washburn St., First Niagara Bank National Assoc to Northwest Bank, $904,780.
• Washbrun St., First Niagara Bank National Assoc to Northwest Bank, $319,580.
• Carolina Ave., Christopher M. Johnson to Donald Schuler; Patricia Schuler, $121,250.
• 92 Scovell St., Kathleen J. Hall to Frances J. Cheasty, $72,200.
• 22 Coolidge Ave., Midfirst Bank to Beast To Beauty Development, $48,000.
• Lock St & Washington St., Justin M. Israel; Susan E. Israel; Susan E. Sparks to Albert A. Dedicke, $46,300.
• Irving St & East Union St., Irene E. Barnett; Dorothea R. Eichhorn to Laura J. Watier, $35,000.

• East High St., Gary M. Coppola; Judith M. Coppola to Holly W. Hensen; Michael J. Young, $240,000.
• Forestview Drive, Brenda S. Bonner to Scott B. Russell, $240,000.
• Akron Road, David M. Sanchez to Douglas M. Schuler, $215,000.
• Upper Mountain Road, Barbara L. Johnson; Erik A. Johnson to Donna Wilbur; Loyd H. Wilbur, $160,000.
• Keck Road, Charles J. Montedoro to Kimberly A. Morrissey, $120,300.
• Mulberry Ln Royal Gardens Unit #6805a Garage Unit #13, Amy J. Fricano to Joanne Keller, $120,000.
• Rochester Road, Jane M. Arlington; John D. Arlington; John Donald Arlington to Dawn M. Frey; Joseph M. Frey, $109,000.
• Bartz Road, Janet M. Brown; Michael F. Brown to Jeanine M. Bombard; Mark Masteller, $37,500.

• Condren Road, Housing Visions Construction Co to Jacob J. Verdonselli, $114,000.
• Karen Ave., Bryan C. Knab; Robin P. Knab to Lawrence J. Major; Sylvia D. Major, $89,900.

• 8967 Rivershore Drive, Gary G. Haraszthy; Violet I. Haraszthy to Francine Kendzia, $550,000.
• Military Road, First Niagara Bank National Assoc to Northwest Bank, $456,144.
• 11 77th St &6 Buffalo Ave., 7710 Buffalo Ave to Niagara Falls Lodge No 346 of The Benevolent And Protective Order of Elks of The USA, $225,000.
• 7 Mason Drive, Donald W. Catchpole to Dale Napierski, $101,000.
• Lockport Road, Lillian Dubois Trust; Glenn Dubois to Sandra Mccormick; Victoria Jo Mccormick, $100,000.
• 1624 Niagara Ave., Steve Wayland; Steven Wayland; Steven J. Wayland; Steven Jeffrey Wayland to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $60,225.
• 31st St., Trillium Group Properties; Cyrus Gatta to Mary J. Davis, $47,270.
• 548 29th St., Elizabeth R. Wilson to Keybank National Assoc, $38,396.
• Michigan Ave., Bmg Property Holdings to Hooks Handyman Service, $33,000.
• 1701 Ferry Ave., Wells Fargo Bank NA to Cohen & Arkin 2204, $30,000.
• Niagara Ave., Robert J. Hennessey; William J. Oconnor to Synergy Property Development Corp, $18,000.
• 531 18th St., Niagara Comfort Vacation Rentals to David Ramierz, $17,000.
• 1326 Elmwood Ave., Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Kc Erie Niagara Properties, $16,155.

• 1498 Abington Place, Joseph A. Julian to Alyssa S. Sumers, $147,000.
• Roger Ave., Don B. Degrood to Kyle Brenzel; Samantha Brenzel, $145,000.
• 207 Rumbold Ave., Sandra L. Osterman; Sandra L. Tooke; Timothy M. Tooke to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co National Assoc, $139,896.
• -19 B 10th Ave., Salvatore J. Tirone to Megan M. Barton, $127,200.
• 166 18th Ave., Jennifer Caldwell; Susan J. Schwartz to Barbara B. Newman; John C. Newman, $125,000.
• Niagara Pkwy & Wheatfield St., 460 Wheat to Wheatfield St. , $125,000.
• 795 Revere Ave., Harris D. Suzanne; Cynthia Privitera to Kristen Torgerson; Lowell Torgerson, $113,000.
• 12th Ave., Teresa Ann Losito; Dorothy Whitehead to Peter J. Fiala, $85,000.

• Paddock Ridge, Majestic Woods Development to Elise K. Pignatora; Joseph A. Pignatora, $445,000.
• Fisk Road, L P S Home Improvement Co to David R. Deberny; Joy A. Deberny, $318,000.
• 6746 Bear Ridge Road, Elise K. Pignatora; Joseph A. Pignatora; Elise K. Stevenson to Brandon Dziura; Melissa Dziura, $295,000.
• 5525 Tonawanda Creek Road, Fannie Mae to Bianca Cirrincione; Joseph A. Cirrincione, $75,802.

• Balmer Road, Stephen E. Diez; Carol Houwaart-Diez to Allen Kellinsky; Sherry Kellinsky, $255,500.
• 3760 Ransomville Road, Gregory J. Stephens; Jessica M. Stephens to Randall E. Clark, $129,900.
• Youngstown Wilson Rd & Ransomville Red, Geralyn Brindisi Azizkhan; Gerardo Brindisi to Charles E. Vanepps, $40,000.

• Griswold St., Gasport View Dairy Farms to Justin Adams; Melissa Adams, $135,000.
• 8435 Mountain Road, Amy L. Barry; Benjamin W. Barry to Richard A. Gdanice Jr.; Sandra Regan, $103,000.
• &emerson Ave & Orchard Place, Donald P. Colopy; Rosita A. Colopy to Edward J. Mcdonald, $96,000.

• Quaker Road, Marcia R. Frost; Robert C. Frost to Christine M. Cooper-Nurse; Rickie Alan Cooper-Nurse, $132,000.

• 2469 Osprey Lane, Theodis Kiner to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $390,513.
• Violet Circle, James R. Gleeson to Gregory Ford; Sandra Ford, $315,000.
• Baer Road, Gordon D. Maess; Marilyn F. Maess to Jeffrey Lyons, $185,000.
• Knottingwood Drive, Willow Development to G T Custom Built Homes, $20,000.

• Beebe Road, Joanne M. Keller; Robert W. Keller to Gregory J. Stephens; Jessica M. Stephens, $164,800.

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