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Getting to know: Bills cornerback Corey White

Corey White is gearing up for his first Buffalo winter.

It's a stretch to say the Atlanta native is excited about it.

"I love the city. Good food. Good people. I haven’t run into a person that I disliked," White said. "The organization, it’s good people here. The weather? I hear it’s been good, but I’m like, ‘man.’

"All my life I’ve been in the south. High school in Georgia, college I was in Alabama. Then I started off in New Orleans. Moved to Dallas and Arizona, so this is my first time in a real winter – and it’s only fall."

The Buffalo News: So were you Atlanta sports fan growing up?

Corey White: "No. I never liked any sports in Atlanta. I grew up a San Diego Chargers fan in football."

BN: No offense, but why are Atlanta sports fans so weak?

CW: "Atlanta’s a diverse city. You’ve got people coming from all over the place to live there and work there. It’s a good city to live in. But all the fans are from all over the place. They like their team they originally came from. My dad is from Alabama, so he’s an Alabama fan, and a Michigan fan, so he don’t know what he want to do."

BN: So how'd you become a Chargers fan?

CW: "I loved LaDainian Tomlinson. I’ll tell you how it really happened. First of all when I was growing up, I watched Oklahoma. Their quarterback was Jason White. He had made my last name, so I liked them. Then Oklahoma played TCU, and LT killed us, so I became an LT fan. He went to San Diego, so I was Chargers fan."

BN: They’ve got those sweet jerseys. too.

CW: "Yup, those powder blues. I’ve been a Boston Celtics fan since ‘KG’ (Kevin Garnett) went there, so I’m a huge sports fan. I love all them."

BN: What else did you play?

CW: "I played basketball and baseball. I played baseball until high school, and I played basketball up until my senior year. I’ve got two state rings in basketball."

BN: What position?

CW: "I played guard, but I sat the bench. I only came in to play defense. Baseball, I played shortstop and did a little bit of pitching."

BN: What was your first love?

CW: "Football, it was my first and it’ll be my last."

BN: Did you come from athletic background?

CW: "I’ve got a brother and three sisters. I’m in the middle. We’ve all got some type of athletic gene in us. My dad played high school football and basketball. he wasn’t fortunate enough to go to college, but he was a stud quarterback and safety."

BN: How did you end up at Samford?

CW: "It’s a funny story. I went to a Georgia Tech game against Samford when I was in high school. They beat them so bad. I had never heard of that school, whatever. Then the next school day, they came in recruiting to play football. I’m like, ‘there’s no way I’m going to that school. Y’all just got stomped.’ So I waited around for the big schools. Two came, Vanderbilt and Central Florida, but I wasn’t really feeling it, so I ended up going to Samford. After I took the visit I actually liked it."

BN: You made it here, so it was a good decision, right?

CW: "I established a family there. Coach Pat Sullivan, former Heisman Trophy winner, he’s good people. I was fortunate to be coached by Sam Shade. He played in the league eight years. So I had a good family, good people who really paved the way for me, taught me a lot. I appreciate them. That’s why I’m here now."

BN: What do you like to do outside of football?

CW: "I like watching movies. I’ll go and watch anything. And I like bowling. I average about a 220 in bowling. That’s my secret love. I’ve gone a few times on our off days. In the offseason, I need to get into a league or something, show off my talents. When I came in the league and I was living by myself, I couldn’t eat out every day, so I taught myself how to cook. I do that a lot, too."

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