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Season 4 of "Sherlock!" to air on WNED-TV on Jan.1

The PBS mid-season schedule announced Thursday includes a New Year’s Day present to Western New Yorkers and a program that involves arguably the worst villain in the area’s history.

Season four of “Sherlock!,” the popular “Masterpeice Mystery” series starring Benedict Cumberbatch, returns with a 90-minute episode airing at 9 p.m. Jan. 1, the same day it is broadcast on BBC One.

Western New Yorkers who have been upset in season’s past that the series didn’t air on the same day as it did nationally on PBS, need not worry this time. WNED-TV, the local PBS affiliate, announced weeks ago that “Sherlock” will air as scheduled nationally.

Here is a brief summary of this year’s edition of the season offered by PBS: “Season 4 of the hit drama begins with the mercurial Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch) back once more on British soul, as Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman) and his wife, Mary (Amanda Abbington), prepare for their biggest challenge yet: becoming parents.”

PBS also announced that the 9 p.m. Tuesday Feb. 7 episode of “American Experience,” will deal with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing by former Pendleton resident Timothy McVeigh.

It is titled “Oklahoma City” and is summarized by PBS this way: “Chronicles the rise of the extremist militia movement, from Ruby Ridge to Waco, that led to the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in American history – the 1995 bombing by Timothy McVeigh that killed 168 people in Oklahoma City.”

WNED-TV also announced that it plans a British Mystery Vote from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10. It will show the first segment of five new mysteries, with the episode of the top-vote getter from members only airing at 9:30 that night before the series continues in its entirety starting on Saturday, Jan. 7.

The five mysteries to be voted on are titled “Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime,” “Agatha Raisin,” “The Coroner,” “Janet King,” and “Rosemary & Thyme.”

Ratings Time: Game 2 in Jack Eichel’s season had a strong 7.3 rating on MSG, with the Buffalo Sabres’ 4-3 victory over the New York Rangers having strong competition. Eichel’s return in a win over Ottawa Tuesday had a season-high 9.8 rating.

Dallas’ 17-15 victory over Minnesota on Thursday Night Football had an 8.7 rating on Channel 2, the local NBC affiliate.

The top-rated program Thursday was “The Big Bang Theory.” The CBS comedy had a 14.1 rating on WIVB-TV and provided a strong lead-in for subsequent CBS programs.


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