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Letter: We’re raising a generation of self-entitled complainers

We’re raising a generation of self-entitled complainers

I can’t believe how out of touch our far left institutions of higher learning (I use that term very loosely) have become in teaching our kids on how not to prepare themselves for the real world. Students at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., were not happy with the results of the election. They demanded that our flag be placed at half-staff on the campus. So the faculty abided with their wishes. On the night of Nov. 10, someone set the flag on fire. A new flag was flown on Veterans Day, and then lowered to half-staff until Nov. 18, when it was removed completely. The flag was finally returned on Friday. What should the college have done? Fired all professors and staff who disrespected our flag.

What are we teaching our kids? We’re teaching them that they will receive a trophy for just participating. If they are upset about anything, we’ll give them a pony to ride, a teddy bear to hug or a day off to grieve and protest. Instead we should be teaching them that there are no rewards in life unless you work for them. Only the best get trophies. Only those who have the attitude of doing the very best they can, and then a little more, succeed. All of us should never accept anything less than our best from ourselves!

There’s a simple solution to solving this problem with our youth. Bring back the draft. Make it mandatory that all children, when they graduate from high school or reach the age of 18, serve in a branch of the armed service for a couple years. See how many of them want to burn our flag after serving their tour of duty. Who knows, they might even turn out to be accomplished citizens.

Ken LaDue


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