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Letter: U.S. continues to abuse proud Native Americans

U.S. continues to abuse proud Native Americans

The picture shown in the Dec. 1 News doesn’t begin to bring to light what is taking place at the Standing Rock Reservation. The graphic titled, “Chilly Standoff in North Dakota,” depicts an idyllic setting of Native Americans reminiscent of scenes found in oaters on the silver screen of years ago. But chilly it wasn’t for hundreds of peaceful protesters as they were blasted with water cannons in subfreezing weather. Things haven’t really changed much over the years for America’s first inhabitants when it comes to protecting their rightful homelands.

Why isn’t the true picture being shown? Why isn’t more coverage being made of what is going on in Standing Rock? More coverage is given to the atrocities taking place in foreign lands.

The native people, joined by many non-natives, are peacefully protesting the impairing of water and the desecration of lands sacred to their way of life. Every American should understand that water is life; we can’t live without potable water. This is what Native American people are standing up for. The fact is they are bravely putting forth this effort for all of America’s people.

This weekend the protesters will be joined by thousands of veterans. These brave men and women have served their country before and are volunteering to do so again. They will stand in front of the protesters to relieve them from the harmful attacks they have been experiencing. It’s back to the front line for these brave veterans who will, once again, be fighting for what our country claims to stand for – freedom.

It was a white man who once stated, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Many people of diverse cultures now inhabit our country. They came seeking liberty and not death. Let us pray that the folks in Standing Rock and those who have joined them will find liberty and not death.

Rudy Gonzales


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