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Letter: It’s great to see lawmakers fighting conversion therapy

It’s great to see lawmakers fighting conversion therapy

Big kudos go out to Assemblyman Sean Ryan, State Sen. Tim Kennedy and now Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke for taking up the cause of a conversion therapy ban. Burke should be commended for giving his bill in the Legislature the acronym of PENCE – Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Child Endangerment – in a jab at conversion therapy’s biggest proponent, our new Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

There isn’t a reputable psychological or medical source that doesn’t condemn conversion therapy as the torture, both physical and mental, that it is. That being the case, why are we even discussing this? Maybe we ought to be teaching parents to love and respect their gay kids for who they are. There isn’t one species out there that doesn’t have homosexuality occurring. Why do we engage in costly and fruitless attempts to change people from what they were meant to be?

I’m 69 years old and in my life, I want to see a generation of young LGBT people for whom their sexual orientation isn’t even an issue. Too many politicians have used homophobia as a political platform, appealing to some of the basest instincts around. I’m glad to see some willing to take a stand against it.

Bruce Kogan


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