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Letter: Creating Electoral College was smart move by founders

Creating Electoral College was smart move by founders

It is sad to see how many of our fellow citizens are ignorant concerning the presidential election process as outlined in our great Constitution. The Founding Fathers specifically instituted the Electoral College to guarantee all the states’ voters equal say in the determination of their president. The original 13 states were composed of large and small states jealous of their own rights and powers and suspicious of any central national government. Leaving the election up to Congress would possibly result in political bargaining and corruption.

Another idea was to have the president elected by a direct popular vote. At best, the choice of president would always be decided by the largest, most populous states with little regard for the smaller ones. Also, as it is today, many states were extremely rural in area and residents tended to have divergent political ideology from their fellow citizens congregated in the large cities.

The founders wanted every voter in each state to have an equal voice. No geographic area alone would have undue influence in the electoral process. Just look today at the West and Northeast coasts. These areas were decidedly Democratic in the election and unquestionably comprise an inordinate majority of vote-eligible citizens in the country. But they don’t necessarily singularly represent the will of the nation, as evidently shown in the results.

I am not debating Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I am only proposing a reason why Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election.

Doug Doeing


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