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Letter: Chronically absent teachers lack dedication to their job

Chronically absent teachers lack dedication to their job

On Nov. 30, The News published an article pertaining to the high rate of teacher absences in the Buffalo School District. The president of the Buffalo Teachers Federation, Philip Rumore, stated that students often come to school with germs. The teachers subsequently become ill, causing the high rate of absenteeism.

I have been an office-based physician for 35 years. I come in contact with patients with “germs” multiple times per day. I have missed one day in 35 years due to illness. Do I have an unusually strong immune system? No! What I do have is dedication to my work and a sense of professionalism to my chosen career.

I applaud those Buffalo teachers who have the second-highest rate of excellent attendance in the country. They are the ones who instill values in our children to strive to be their best no matter what the circumstances. I have little to no respect for the 37 percent who are chronically absent, making Buffalo the worst in the country pertaining to this rating.

Steven Stone, M.D.


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