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Editorial: Raise a bun to the Big Mac’s creator, bots unplugged and falls get a new look

Michael James “Jim” Delligatti looked like a man who might enjoy a Big Mac. And so he should have. Delligatti invented the McDonald’s signature sandwich more than 50 years ago. On Monday, the round-faced Delligatti died at his home in Pittsburgh.

His son said Delligatti had eaten at least one of the 540-calorie bombs every week, and for those who say he risked his health, it’s interesting to note that he lived to the happy age of 98.

But he had to suffice with old age. McDonald’s says Delligatti received no special payments for coming up with a hamburger that not long ago was selling worldwide at the torrid pace of 17 per second. It says here that he was robbed.

Acting in the aftermath of the sleaze factor permeating the sale of tickets to the October 2015 performance of Paul McCartney in Buffalo, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has signed a law criminalizing the use of automated ticket purchasing software known as “bots.”

In good part because of those bots, thousands of people attempting to buy tickets to McCartney’s first-ever concert in Buffalo were locked out. Those who managed to get tickets at cost were simply lucky.

The new law not only bans the use of bots, but prohibits the ticket reselling industry from selling a ticket that was knowingly bought via a bot. It’s only a misdemeanor, and it may only make a dent in the problem, but at least it’s a start.

There’s something new going on at Niagara Falls. Or at least a reboot of something that was old. Spectacular LED lighting is illuminating both the American and Canadian falls at night, creating a sophisticated display that pleased the 30,000 people on hand to witness the debut Thursday night.

For decades, there has been a push and pull over Niagara Falls regarding the appropriate role of commercialization. Should they be left as they are – think Grand Canyon – or developed to attract more visitors?

It’s an ongoing debate, but the new light show is a beautiful addition to the falls, replacing the old searchlights that were so very 20th century.

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