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Letter: Trump is a strong leader, which nation sorely needs

Trump is a strong leader, which nation sorely needs

It was a hard-fought election campaign. Many nasty, derogative and threatening statements were made, but President-elect Donald Trump stood the test to bring home the win. Surely he knew the public has a short memory. After all, many politicians and members of the media slung mud also, but were stopped in their tracks by his win.

Now we see Trump’s rhetoric tamped down. We hear more substantiated directions he will pursue to mend broken policies of past administrations. So far, the Trump Cabinet members seem to be interestingly progressive and hopefully qualified for their positions.

As the lead nation of the world, it is very important America is led by a strong and influential president. America needs to impress by showing strength. Through this show of leadership, other world leaders will be more attentive to monitoring their own countries instead of acting aggressive toward a weak America.

Our citizens enjoy their constitutional rights of freedom and equality. We understand we need to do what is right for ourselves and our country as a whole. We are not classified as being of separate race, religion, national origin, nationality, gender or age but instead as one America. We stand united in wartime if needed and hope to live in peace and equality through our dedications to our American pride. In all matters of organized groups, our nation will reinforce our position of world leadership under the direction of a new presidential administration.

Russell D. Ward


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