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Letter: Time for U.S. to flex some military muscle

Time for U.S. to flex some military muscle

The last time the United States vanquished an enemy was World War II. Here’s hoping President-elect Donald Trump names two renowned Marine Corps generals – Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis as secretary of defense, and John Kelly as head of Homeland Security.

Mattis, a voracious reader of military history, saved the lives of countless soldiers with his timely military strategy while leading them into battle in Operation Desert Storm. Kelly was his assistant.

We’ve been pushed around ever since the Korean War. Bob McNamara, not a military man, couldn’t get the job done as secretary of defense during the Vietnam War. Yes, both were unpopular wars. But with ISIS, North Korea, Iran and other threats against national and international security, why not let top-notch generals lead our country?

Dan Biddlecom


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