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Letter: Republicans know little about decent behavior

Republicans know little about decent behavior

Op-ed columnist Kathleen Parker thinks Mitt Romney deserves to be secretary of state in part because “he is a thoroughly decent human being.” What would she know about the right way to treat thoroughly decent human beings?

What had she to say for the past eight years while Republicans treated another thoroughly decent human being, Barack Obama, with utter and unremitting contempt?

“Liar!” “Hates white people!” “Kenyan Maoist socialist!” “Not born here!” “Barack the magic Negro!” “Doesn’t love America!” “Sure to be impeached!”

Parker should find something else to prattle on about, now that we have, as president-elect, someone who has proved himself by his own words to be anything but thoroughly decent, who owes his election to an ugly and dishonest demagoguery that is both an affront and a danger to democratic and human decency.

Michael Kukla


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