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Letter: Electoral College needs to step up, end this farce

Electoral College needs to step up, end this farce

Donald Trump’s victory on Election Day is an illegitimate farce. If we had real democracy, Hillary Clinton would be our next president because she received over 2 million more votes than Trump.

The illegitimacy of Trump’s victory is further evident in unprecedented election interference. The Russian government hacked Clinton’s campaign accounts releasing information that benefited Trump. Facebook and Google allowed anti-Clinton fake news to proliferate. And FBI Director James Comey violated federal law by issuing a statement on Clinton’s emails immediately before the election.

Add in Republican-enacted laws in over 20 states to suppress Democrats from voting and the more than $2 billion in free air time the mainstream media gave Trump, and no wonder there are calls for recounts in several key states and an appeal to Electoral College electors to switch sides and elect Clinton.

We now face the reality of a Trump administration. Conflicts of interest and charges of corruption will abound because of his refusal to liquidate financial assets and put proceeds in a blind trust. The roles he is assigning to his children, in-laws, lobbyists, bigots, far-right extremists and thoroughly unqualified political cronies demonstrate his cluelessness about the presidency and willingness to endanger our nation.

Falsely claiming a mandate, Trump and the Republican Congress will move to quickly cut taxes for the rich while gutting critically important and hugely popular programs like the Environmental Protection Agency. Planet-saving climate protection programs will be chopped.

Many seniors will be surprised to learn that the Republicans also plan to replace Medicare with a “voucher” system designed to enrich private health care insurance companies. Complaints about this agenda should be directed to Rep. Chris Collins, the first congressman to endorse Trump and now on the Trump transition team.

Nan and Walter Simpson


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