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‘Storks’ delivers fresh jokes along with strong message about family

"Storks" is a new animated movie from the makers of "The Lego Movie" (which I found to basically be a two-and-a-half hour commercial for Legos). "Storks," however, appears to be completely original and wasn’t based on a book or existing franchise, which is rare for modern movies. The movie features "Saturday Night Live" writer and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Andy Samberg as Junior.

"Storks" is about an online delivery company run by storks that used to deliver babies, but now delivers various packages, much like a fictional Junior is tasked with firing a troublesome employee, Tulip, which will lead to his promotion to company boss.

Tulip, however, accidentally restarts the baby production line, resulting in a new baby being created in the factory for the first time in years. Junior and Tulip must deliver this baby to its parents before getting caught by their boss.

"Storks," while not as deep and insightful as an animated movie like "Zootopia" (which explores the timely topics of police brutality and racism), does carry a strong message about family. It is fundamentally a movie about parenting, and there are a lot of parenting moments, both humorous and serious, between Tulip and Junior as they try to take care of the baby together.

Scenes of Tulip and Junior lovingly caring for the newborn are juxtaposed against scenes of the lonely only child with busy parents who so longs for a baby brother that he orders one from the company.

The humor in this film is almost shockingly funny. It is clear that the writing staff had legitimate good ideas for jokes that had not been done before. Saying that the jokes in "Storks" are on par with movies like "Airplane" and "Spaceballs" is only a very slight exaggeration. They defy the usual animated movie grind of jokes including a young character saying an odd catchphrase, sexual innuendo for the parents, and a few characters loudly screaming things at each other to somehow achieve comedic effect.

Jokes in this film are thought out and require some thinking to appreciate, and it was very surprising to see in a modern animated movie.

"Storks" is a refreshing oasis in the sequel-infested desert of animated movies.

It seems to have been well thought out, with a strong message about the relationship between parent and child and the importance of family.

However, it also flawlessly switches between this heavy theme and well-written, light-hearted jokes. This film is absolutely worth a watch.

Jack Dudek is a sophomore at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute.


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