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Results of election should spur us to action, not to despair

To the people in fear of their future,

I cannot speak for you, but after the long-awaited outcome of the Nov. 8 presidential election, I had a brief moment of feeling gray. My heart stopped, my ears rang, my mind began to fog, and I was left in disbelief. More than ever before, my country did not feel safe. It felt dim and unreal.

However, this moment was brief, because just as soon as I felt fearful, I also felt ready.

This is not the time to wallow in sadness, to throw in the towel, to fall victim to what I believe is unjust leadership. No! This is the time to use disappointment as the fuel for justice.

For centuries countless people before me have sacrificed their lives, marched their feet, raised their voices, and so much more, in order for me and all of you to have the liberties that we have today.

My identity is rooted in this strength and work to make America truly great. Like them, I will work to make America truly great.

Therefore, when the leader-elect knocks on my country’s door, revealing just how much work we have left to do, my response is this: There is no better time than now to march and raise my voice, in an effort to continue the work that so many started before me.

How about you?

Alexis Smith is a senior at The Park School.


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