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Letter: Privatizing Medicare will hurt many people

Privatizing Medicare will hurt many people

Well, America, you wanted change. Here it comes! Republicans were given control of both houses to give President-elect Donald Trump all the help he needed to “make America great again.” Many seniors voted for Trump as well as Republican senators and congressmen. As their thanks, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan and Tom Price, the newly crowned secretary of Health and Human Services, want to privatize Medicare.

This will create numerous hardships for seniors to obtain coverage. Seniors will pay more and get less. Under Ryan’s plan, a typical Social Security recipient will spend 49 percent of his benefits on health care, rather than 22 percent.

If Trump intends to represent all Americans, he should not allow his Cabinet to do this!

I am sure that after this development, the best is yet to come over the next four years.

JoAnn M. Calandra

East Amherst

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