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Letter: Baby boomers have spoiled their children

Baby boomers have spoiled their children

This is sad for me to say because, as one of many baby boomers who raised the next generation, I am part of this quandary. We parents, like many before us, wanted our children to have a better life than we had. But somewhere along the way we lost our vision of helping them and began spoiling them.

Baby boomers were taught to be appreciative, thankful, thoughtful and respectful. Anything we achieved had to be earned. Also, we were taught to accept failure. Doing so was a learning experience that would help you achieve higher goals in life.

It seems to me millennials think that they are owed this wonderful life without earning anything – parents paying for their college; living with grandparents or parents until they are in their late 20s or early 30s. They stomp their feet if not given what they want, making parents feel guilty. “Why?” is the question.

Baby boomers protested the Vietnam War, a war that was thought, at the time, to stop the spread of communism. They did this without looting or burning private property. We were drafted and told to serve our country, wherever they sent us.

Now millennials, who seem to be a majority of people protesting the election results, are looting and burning private property. This is absurd. It seems to me they have plenty of energy. They should go to work like their parents did.

Spencer Kowal


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