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Letter: Let’s make America great by ending evil of abortion

Let’s make America great by ending evil of abortion

In a recent letter on how we might measure our nation’s greatness, the writer invites readers to add their own metric.

I am pleased to add “unequivocal respect for human dignity” as the overarching metric, because it should be both the motive and focus of all other metrics. This metric can, in principle, be measured by degree of reduction in human strife of all types and magnitudes.

In our nation’s 240-year history, we have been quite sensitive to this overarching requirement for greatness and have acted, sometimes with great reluctance, to secure justice and with it the noble quality of greatness. As a nation, we have legislated our way out of the evil of slavery and of the allied evil of discrimination, and we have, with much bravery and sacrifice, played a leading role in the defeat of the evil of totalitarianism, in World War II.

If, as a nation, we wish to continue in our path to greatness, we must now end the legal practice of abortion on demand, the taking of innocent human life for largely selfish reasons. In our nation, this tragedy continues at the rate of nearly 1 million lives per year and we have, since Roe v. Wade, deliberately ended some 50 million innocent lives. If this indignity were leveled against a single race, it would amount to genocide of monumental proportions.

I believe that as a nation we can neither claim nor restore greatness unless we end the evil of abortion on demand. All other metrics are empty by themselves.

My faith teaches that a pregnancy can be medically terminated only to save the maximum number of the lives involved, the mother, the child, and preferably both, and for no other reason.

Frank Notaro


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