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Letter: It’s unlikely that Cuomo didn’t know of corruption

It’s unlikely that Cuomo didn’t know of corruption

On Nov. 23, I read the front page in our beloved News, which reported eight indictments pertaining to the SolarCity deal. How convenient: LPCiminelli, which was awarded the SolarCity factory project in South Buffalo, and COR Development, which was selected for a Syracuse project, made sizable contributions to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign fund. Now they all have been indicted!

Joseph Percoco, a Cuomo loyalist and friend for a number of years, is accused of receiving bribes from a downstate power plant. Todd Howe, a lobbyist, is accused of arranging bribe money through a shell company to Percoco from the Syracuse developer totaling about $35,000.

Now we have a governor who can tell you how many paper clips are in his desk. He has to keep tabs on everything around him. So you mean he had no idea what his people were doing in his inner circle? Anything smell fishy yet? Then he shouldn’t be governor!

Thomas Ford


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