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Letter: Loss should be wake-up call for out-of-touch Democrats

Loss should be wake-up call for out-of-touch Democrats

The total surprise at the result of the national election shown by news agencies and politicians is a prime indication of how out of touch the establishment is with average American citizens.

Since when do Americans not want secure borders and our immigration laws respected? What is amazing is the number of partisan officials and media who openly endorse this behavior and advocate violation of these laws, without any regard for the public welfare. Would these advocates tolerate an unauthorized invasion of their homes and their properties? Hasn’t our government’s lack of prosecution and preoccupation with representing illegal foreign nationals while catering to billionaire interests pre-empted “we the people”?

How long did the statisticians think citizens would tolerate our government effectively sponsoring outsourcing, while U.S. manufacturing and service jobs get extinguished and incomes get denigrated? Apparently lofty political and media positions make it difficult to contemplate the mindset of the huddled masses of the impoverished, students who accumulate indebtedness then find expected jobs and pay ranges unavailable, or the number of 30-year-olds who still live with their parents.

Is government stifling all religious expression in public places, redefining marriage and determining bathroom gender etiquette consistent with core guarantees of free expression, religious tolerance and mutual separation of church and state? Should women be required to serve as replacements for men in combat, to be considered equal? Should our military be an instrument of social change or readiness?

If Democrats take their loss as a wake-up to reform, perhaps the next presidential election will offer the choice of both major political parties battling to provide a more wholesome environment for all Americans instead of for themselves.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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