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Vic Carucci's Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Dallas Cowboys. After 10 straight wins, it’s getting easier to see Dak Prescott keeping this roll going through the postseason. (1)


  1. New England Patriots. Tom Brady’s mysterious knee injury is likely to disappear against the Jets. (2)


  1. Oakland Raiders. After pulling off the win in their “second” home in Mexico, they settle in for back-to-back games in their “real” home … for now. (3)


  1. Seattle Seahawks. Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson is back to normal … and he might be better than ever. (4)


  1. Atlanta Falcons. Sunday’s game vs. Arizona marks the first of four at home through their final six games. (7)


  1. New York Giants. The heavy offseason investment in the defense is paying dividends. (8)


  1. Kansas City Chiefs. Alex Smith isn’t showing the same wheels he has in the past, and that could be big trouble vs. Broncos’ pass-rush. (5)


  1. Arizona Cardinals. Classic matchup: Patrick Peterson vs. Julio Jones. (6)


  1. Detroit Lions. These guys are the masters of late-game heroics. (9)


  1. Miami Dolphins. Looks like they’ll be picking up that $14.475 million guaranteed portion of Ryan Tannehill’s 2017 salary come March. And he’ll get the rest of the $17.975 million he’s owed. (10)


  1. Denver Broncos. This team will learn plenty about whether it truly is ready to make another Super Bowl run after facing the Chiefs. (12)


  1. Baltimore Ravens. Lack of pass-catching production from tight ends is hurting their offense badly. (11)


  1. Washington Redskins. Kirk Cousins helped his own financial cause, but not much else worked out for these guys on Thanksgiving Day. (13)


  1. Philadelphia Eagles. Is it really possible that Carson Wentz and his teammates could be at risk of taking Aaron Rodgers and his teammates lightly? (14)


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers. A couple of big wins vs. cupcake opponents, and all is right in Steeler Nation. (16)


  1. Buffalo Bills. Sammy Watkins could be coming back at just the right time. (21)


  1. Cincinnati Bengals. Maybe they’ll start going for two. (17)


  1. Minnesota Vikings. Sam Bradford’s killer interception and dumb penalties cost them a game they should have won. (18)


  1. San Diego Chargers. Mostly winnable games are left on the schedule, but can they capitalize? (19)


  1. Houston Texans. Hopefully, they won’t have to deal with any more laser pointers from the stands. (20)


  1. Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers says the Packers are good enough to win remaining games, but nothing about the way they’ve played shows they can back that up. (15)


  1. Carolina Panthers. Surviving Luke Kuechly’s absence won’t be easy. (22)


  1. New Orleans Saints. Another defense is looking to take advantage of Jared Goff’s inexperience. (23)


  1. Indianapolis Colts. Scott Tolzien gave a game effort, but it wasn’t enough to overcome his lack of a supporting cast. (24)


  1. Tennessee Titans. It’s a long-shot, but the Titans are focused on making a run to the playoffs. (25)


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Robert Aguayo has rallied strong from early rookie kicking slump. (26)


  1. Los Angeles Rams. Letting Jared Goff throw deep would seem to make sense vs. the Saints. (27)


  1. Chicago Bears. Matt Barkley makes his first career start at quarterback vs. a good pass-rushing opponent. Ouch! (28)


  1. New York Jets. The calls are out for Woody Johnson to tear it all down and start over. (29)


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars. Doug Marrone’s return to Orchard Park doesn’t figure to be all that pleasant. (30)


  1. San Francisco 49ers. Long Florida stay doesn’t figure to make much difference vs. the Dolphins. (31)


32. Cleveland Browns. Sorry, Joe Haden, but 0-16 is looking pretty much like a lock. (32)

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