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Letter: Trump needs a lesson on freedom of speech

Trump needs a lesson on freedom of speech

If President-elect Donald Trump is going to continue his precedence of trying to control free speech and the right of the free press, then his eventual presidency is bordering on tyrannical rule. When the cast of the play “Hamilton” expressed its political feelings to Vice President-elect Mike Pence after a recent performance, Trump tweeted a criticism where he demanded an apology. To the man who never apologizes, why doesn’t he understand Americans’ rights of freedom of speech? Nobody has the power to force anyone to say something that he doesn’t want to say. Maybe when Trump actually becomes president, he’ll send troops to close down the place if the cast doesn’t apologize.

In addition, he is not allowing journalists at important events, like his recent meeting with the Japanese leader. He could have been forgiven if afterward he held a press conference to talk of the meeting and answer questions. I assume when he’s president he’ll pick and choose what TV networks, reporters and journalists are at his press conference. The next question is: Will he even have press conferences? Perhaps he will demand that all communications be by tweet.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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