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Letter: Middle class is shrinking as labor unions struggle

Middle class is shrinking as labor unions struggle

Does it not seem quite a coincidence that as our country continues to devalue our labor unions, the middle class keeps shrinking? Yes, the rich keep getting richer and the number of poor families keeps increasing.

However, labor unions, which helped create and maintain our middle class, are becoming less valued. While the role of labor unions has changed throughout the years, having a job where you can earn a livable wage with affordable benefits is not easy to come by.

The rich have always taken care of each other, as we can see by some of the recent Cabinet member choices made by our soon-to-be president. Who will take care of us, the middle class, when earning that living wage to support our families becomes a thing of the past? Certainly not the top wealthiest 1 percent, and why would they?

The middle class has always been the backbone of our great country, but we are all in danger of watching it slip away. Wake up, America, and see what is happening!

Lori Mundis


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