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Kaleida hit with $1 million verdict, vows to appeal

A State Supreme Court jury has ordered Kaleida Health to pay $1 million after the death of a stroke patient, but the hospital company promises to appeal.

Rose Kij of Grand Island was 81 when admitted to Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital in August 2007 for a transient ischemic attack, a warning sign of a stroke.

Lawyers for her estate contended that hospital personnel gave her the wrong dose of the medication Simvastatin, when they could have confirmed her dose with her pharmacy or her physician. She eventually developed Rhabdomyolisis, a disease causing severe muscle breakdown with resulting kidney failure.

Kij died in Kenmore Mercy Hospital in October 2007.

“This verdict sends a clear sign that the people deserve the same treatment regardless of age,” said attorney Michael Scinta, of Brown Chiari. “The elderly are entitled to enjoy the same protections under the law. This is a tragic situation which could have been avoided.”

Kaleida spokesman Michael P. Hughes said there will be an appeal.

"We will continue to steadfastly defend the care and treatment that our physicians and nurses provided, just as we did in the trial," said Hughes, Kaleida's senior vice president for public affairs and marketing. "Our belief is that our staff did what was best for the patient during her five-day stay ... and we believe the record clearly reflects that."


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